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Linda Irene
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Like many women, my professional and personal names have been different over the years. I'm still trying to decide what it should be...

Linda Irene and Unruly Christian are blogger names. My parents flipped a coin to decide which came first - Linda or Irene. As it turns out, their combined meaning is my highest hope for the outcome of the work I've done in my life. Linda Irene means “Beautiful Peace” in Spanish/Greek. Thanks Mom and Dad. How did you know?

Linda Schwarz: (Married name) Founder and Facilitator of The Threshold, Director of The Old Shirt Factory Project (and Franklin Cares), and partner to Pastor Wally Schwarz.

Linda Hesthag Ellwein:

Communications, Sustainability, and Change. Consultant and Trainer

Community & Economic Development Consultant; Project Management,

Conflict Resolution; Professional Facilitation and Training,

Personal Development Workshops & Addictions/Recovery.

Corporate and Marketing Communications, Branding, Social Media, Website Development

Fine Art Photographer

Video Production




**LH Ellwein**, Photographer Shooting the American West. Fine Art Photography. (http://www.lhellwein.com)

LH Ellwein Shooting Journal

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Linda Irene : (In development).

My vocation is
facilitating shared understanding and best possible outcomes through creative action and change. This includes building capacity in communities and organizations.

I provide communications and marketing for organizations, manage and offer support to non-profit corporations,

provide workshops & trainings in sustainable decision making, holistic management, community driven entrepreneurship, and addiction recovery.

Work with businesses and communities throughout the US to develop strategy, prepare for change, and resolve conflict.

Photography Website bio telling one chapter of my story before the move back east:

Over the last 25 years, Linda has extensively traveled the American West working to celebrate and preserve the culture, which for many Americans, defines them.

As the child of immigrants and a first generation American, she is keenly aware of how important our connection to place is.

The Western pioneering spirit has often symbolized the ideals that built America and the American Cowboy is its mascot.

The American Cowboy and life on the range still exists in America today and those that live it are hanging on to threads of hope for its survival. Linda is committed to contributing to the preservation of this culture as a real and living part of who we are as Americans. She believes that an understanding of western culture – its wisdom, artistic expression and work – will help to keep its place in our definition of who we are.

Recently, Linda was honored by receiving the First Place Speakers Choice Award at the annual Shooting the West Conference from William Albert Allard, senior staff photographer at National Geographic. Also, her work was shown for the winter in a one-person show at Teton Village in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

In addition to her photography, she has worked to bring people in the West together, creating understanding and an environment where people can speak in a language that is understood and heard in respect to land, culture and one another. Her work with diverse groups has earned her and her project’s participants the ‘Founder of a New Northwest’ Award from Sustainable Northwest and the President’s Council on Sustainable Development as well as the ‘Chief’s Award for Outstanding Achievement’ from the United States Forest Service. In addition, she has received the Partnership Award from the USFS for her work with Western communities.

Prior to her life in the West, she worked for major advertising and public relations firms in New York City managing public relations and advertising campaigns and producing film, television and video. She now ranches in Mackay, Idaho along with her passion for photography. Her work can be seen at her studio and gallery, From the Saddle, and at StoneRiver Gallery in Mackay, Idaho. In addition, her work is exhibited at Bear Bottom Inn in Mackay. She is also a contributor to RANGE and WORKING RANCH magazines.

She can be reached anytime at 208.339.2330 or Linda@lhellwein.com for scheduling.