Linda Irene

The Mystery Unraveling

The beauty and complexity of God can’t be pictured or defined accurately - that’s the mystery. Personally, my imagery imagines God as the glue that holds matter, energy, spirit - all that is - together, while simultaneously, being all that is - including holiness. God is mother and

Linda Irene

Let It Play Out

It's all too easy to react with fear to a new dynamic in a relationship, work situation, or between friends.

A new person can feel like they're walking all over us, or being unfair. This can throw us into a tailspin. Maybe they're cruel, or actually want to intimidate you.

Linda Irene

Come BE Yourself. Starts Oct. 18.

Allow yourself to experience what's behind the mental and emotional chatter. It's often impossible to find the off switch. The practice of stillness and understanding the difference between your ego and your true self might surprise you. Some describe it as remembering who they really are.

This little video from

Linda Irene

Christian Double Dare.

If you are Christian, it's time to put up or shut up. I know that's harsh, and hopefully, you know I don't mean it that way - it's just a little Brooklyn sneaking out the sides - but there's truth inside the edges of these words too.

Christians can no

Linda Irene

Refugees and Us.

There are many sides to this story, some covered endlessly by media, and others, not as well publicized. It's important to understand the big picture and grasp the enormity of this situation. Only then can we individually make decisions about whether we want to help, how we feel about it,

Linda Irene

Pope Asks Europe To Help Refugees. What about Americans?

Pope Francis is urging Catholics all over Europe to take in refugees if they’re able. The Vatican will take in two families.

If the Pope is urging Catholics do this throughout Europe, why aren't Americans being encouraged to do the same? It may be cost prohibitive in regards to