Come BE Yourself. Starts Oct. 18.

Come BE Yourself. Starts Oct. 18.

Allow yourself to experience what's behind the mental and emotional chatter. It's often impossible to find the off switch. The practice of stillness and understanding the difference between your ego and your true self might surprise you. Some describe it as remembering who they really are.

This little video from The Gravity Center is a great reminder of how we start the journey to the places beyond our ego - to our true selves

Let it trigger your inner memory. If you want to know more about contemplative practice and experience its essence, and maybe come home to yourself again, join us at

The Threshold Gathering.

Sundays at 5 pm, starting October 18.

at The Old Shirt Factory in Franklin, NJ.

It’s not church, a support group, a class, or a concert.

It's an expression and experience of the heart.
It's a safe place to be and discover even more of who you are through contemplation, music, connection, creativity, spiritual practice, and friendship. It's for all ages too.

It’s nothing like you remember.

It's like you imagine.

Where you never have to be something you're not.

Stop by to find out what we mean.

It’s an experience that speaks for itself.

One thing is for sure:

You will be celebrated.

Other meeting times and locations will be announced soon. Join us here on Facebook too! Check scheduling and locations beforehand on Facebook. If you let us know you're coming with children, we'll have childcare waiting - if you'd like. Children are welcome.


Linda Irene

Linda Irene

07. November 2019