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Linda Irene

Bigot Rancher.


I was married to a bigot. A man who in the year 2012 still referred to people from the Middle East as ragheads, and African Americans weren't even worth discussing in his opinion. I could not figure out how he was so ignorant, and so cruel. At first I thought it a joke, or even simple ignorance. He literally had worked in a vacuum since he was 17, and it almost appeared that his mind hadn't evolved since he left the farming community in rural North Dakota forty-five years before.

This man claimed to be a Christian, but refused to attend church. Hated people of different ethnic groups, skin color, and other countries with northern European countries, the exception. He refused to give one penny to any organization, charity, individual - including me. He was the most stingy and greedy human being I've ever known. And I mean literally.

There were exceptions, but they were rare. The exceptions generally revolved around him looking good in front of people, but he was so naive that he didn't realize that what he thought was 'being generous' actually made him look cheap. He'd offer so little to the situation that it only made him look worse.

There was no heart of Jesus in this man. I looked and looked and looked. It was nowhere to be found. Is this person a Christian simply because he claims it? Do they get to claim it because they pay their taxes? Even if they never do a kind thing for anyone.

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