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Linda Irene

Closing the Circle

Service Notes - Linda

Circle - Is an opportunity to connect - to each other.

Life is relational. We will find well being in and through one another as an earth community, not on our own. There is wholeness in the circle of unity that we engage in. If we are not part of the circle, we’re separated - we’re not meant to live in separation.

Our deepest, most sacred instincts seek connection. Just like the natural world, the world many of us are deeply disconnected from. They seek unity and survival.

If you watch wolves, cows, horses, even burrowing animals.

My dogs in Idaho knew all about that. They lived and breathed for rounding up. Their deepest instincts and greatest passion and joy was embedded in this act. They herded endlessly with conviction and they were tireless in this purpose. Border collies have developed instincts that are finely tuned.

This has been bred into these dogs, but it’s rare to see any other animal express such purpose, committement, drive, heart, and passion to a task. The completion of it usually results in him lying down in the circle - but only when the circle is complete, or the herd is all in one place...

This is a natural and sacred response to life - to create unity. Creating and being unified are core elements, foundational to the sacred and holy.

When we’re in pain or experience betrayal, we start to lose this quality or experience that connects us so fully to all that is. This includes close family members such as a parent or husband, as well as work relationships and friendships. But at our center, when we separate - we long for that reconnection.

I believe it’s often the core reason for addictions and dependencies of all kinds.

Alienation is debilitating. True vitality is experienced when we belong to something - when we experience belonging. When we form a circle, and take it one step further by allowing ourselves to ‘see’ each other - by letting them in our heart - sometimes this can be a stretch emotionally - but it’s the heart of life. This is God’s dream for us. This is one of the primary reasons Jesus came...as a reminder. He wanted to show us how our love for one another and God’s love for us matters. That there is a better way.

What will it take for us to remember this instinct that lies deep within us? The challenge of keeping our spirituality alive - of becoming more than just the body that moves itself from one place to another - requires receptivity and movement. It’s our responsibility to ourselves to be continuously open to the growth that leads us to the holy and sacred embedded within us - is the path for all - if we allow it. We have an opportunity to re-enter into the sacred by reawakening these holy instincts. It’s our willingness to enter into the mystery, and stay connected within the circle - with vulnerability and humility.

Some may want to run when the connection gets too strong - but don’t. That’s where the breakthrough is. Belonging for those who have only let it in to a certain point will quiver with fear when it tries to break through that place into the core of your heart. Let it. Cry, Scream, Feel the anxiety. It will be all right.


If you believe in God, but don’t want to be a Christian - what do you believe about God?
If God to you is a mass of energy that’s beyond anything we can even imagine, a oneness that includes all that is, and is in all that is, and composes all that is...and is so complete that it has the ability to be all-knowing and systemically whole, while also having the capacity to be personal beyond our understanding - we are probably talking about the same thing. Have you ever wondered that?

Is it that you, when your intellect and heart are deeply challenged with this question, that you do envision or conceptualize there is something connecting us and acting as a catalyst for all that is? If this is so, what is it that keeps you from wanting to understand more? Is it the lack of logic or answers that simply feel like too much for you to think about and you fear your brain might explode? Are you someone who doesn’t want to believe anything that’s not verifiable? What measures do you use, or will you accept, for something to be verifiable? How do you describe what happens when you watch your baby sleep and the love that rises up in you seems like a love that contains the universe? Can you prove that?
Just wondering.

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