Everything is Holy Now.

98 Ordinary




Linda Irene

A Practice Note


There is a big difference between what some call an infilling of the Holy Spirit, and the choice to utilize certain practices in a life of spiritual growth. One is not preferable or superior over another, but they are extremely different and distinct experiences from one another.

One is gentle, consistent, repetitive. The outcome of a practice or ritual is, most often, predictable and dependable. This is exactly what many of us want to ground our being, to be reminded of our priorities, and to center us in God each day - or each week. An experience such as the infilling of the Holy Spirit, however, is a powerful and usually once in a lifetime occurrence that changes us quickly, almost instantaneously, from the inside out. This experience may have a deep and profound effect on our spiritual perspective, but it won't take hold unless it's coupled with the repetitive practices that accompany the path.

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