Everything is Holy Now.

98 Ordinary




Linda Irene



concentration eludes you.
grief swallows you.
anxiety consumes you.
insomnia possesses you.
clarity abandons you.
exhaustion lulls you.
fear silences you.

Stand barefoot in the dirt.
Dig in the dirt with your bare hands.
Lay down in the grass.
Lie your body on stone.
Let the sun rest on your face.
Run in the sea.
Swim in the ocean.
Lean into the trunk of a tree.
(free of poison ivy leaves)
Breathe in the aroma of the air.

Connect to the earth and feel it's beauty pouring through you.
enveloping your body.
seeping into your cells.
carressing your skin.
feeding your bones.
transforming your heart.
grounding your being.

Let it remind you...
Who you are.
Where you are.
What you are.
How you are.
Why you are.

the warmth of God's beauty
the peace of God's creation
the love of the living world
the order out of chaos
the ground of your being
the life beneath your feet
the wonder above you
the awe around you
the connectedness that holds you
the joy that celebrates you
the knowing that embodies you
the power that moves through you
the mastery that awaits you
the mystery that unfolds in you


How many steps till you hit a patch of dirt or grass.
Tread lightly.
Washing feet.
Ground of our being.

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