The Mystery Unraveling

The Mystery Unraveling

The beauty and complexity of God can’t be pictured or defined accurately - that’s the mystery. Personally, my imagery imagines God as the glue that holds matter, energy, spirit - all that is - together, while simultaneously, being all that is - including holiness. God is mother and father, earth and ocean, sky and galaxy, wave and particle, man and beast. The beat of the drum and the beat of the heart are one in God. As are you and I.

The book of Genesis says in the beginning the earth and the heavens were without form, indicating something was already there. This implies that the original story, whether in mythos or logos language, hints that something beyond what we know exists. This is how humanity has adopted its beginnings, whether myth or fact.

Some call this Presence, Universe, or All That Is - it's all the same from where I stand. I use God because it's the most widely understood, and it resonates. Either way, sensing the mystery, experience, and imagery connected to God, as you understand God, can be different for everyone. It changes individually over time too.

Our concept of God is often associated with, or influenced by, religion; but our personal imagery is designed by our individual consciousness.

That's the beauty of it when we get out of the way by letting go of attachments to our ego or worldview; or the need to be right. Understanding and imagery of this something beyond us will rarely align perfectly, even if we're saying the same words. Many people have an illusion they share the same picture when they don't. As simplistic as this may sound, it's helped me to let go of resistance. Now I know better.

It's an evolution

the magic is found in the unfolding.

Allowing God to be who God is - is the only real choice we have. It's the only thing we can do.

Most agree we cannot define God or put God in a box, so why do people try so hard to close the box, and throw away the key?

My guess is a higher consciousness hopes we will sustain ourselves like nature does, by reciprocity and interdependence - and it makes sense to show up in relationship with the living world around us the same way - cyclically, reciprocally and interdependently.

Why not show up to life as open as we can, and see what rises up within and around us? The ability to show up open would help shape the world around us too.

Imagine being part of a community where we genuinely felt the freedom to stand in who we are with authenticity, felt safe enough to lean in to vulnerability while being as vigilantly honest with ourselves as possible, and practiced being willing to look discomfort in the eye? If we did this, all the while loving ourselves, God, and each other, we might remove spiritual and emotional stagnancy, becoming dynamic in all aspects of our lives.

That's the environment love lives in.

Convincing ourselves that God is a man on a cloud, or energy, or whatever else someone pictures is no longer the point.

These days, God meets me in the stillness, in the essence of who we are, in who I am. This speaks most loudly in my life. And allows me to connect to others in their experience of God, even when our imagery or underlying story differs.

A contemplative stance allows me to receive and be as I reach deeper for understanding and experience of this mystical union between a God that's all that is, a spirit that is holy, and a man that embodied the Christ Spirit in union with God. This makes sense to me now. It helps me see the connections between them, and their wholeness. The ordinariness and the holiness. Framed this way, being made in the image becomes clearer. Life's cyclical nature is mirrored too; making it resonant and intellectually curious - meaning it begs more questions.

My resentment towards church fueled avoidance and denial which clouded my sight, leaving me unable to see Christianity's essence beyond my opinions - I tried not to be dualistic, but getting beyond it was a process - as it always is. Nothing about Christian theology made sense anymore - except for the love of Christ. I'm not sure it ever made theological sense. As children, we simply accepted it. As a thinking person, it was easier to avoid its theology.

Even the concept of the Trinity has come into focus, which made little sense before.

Armed with a willingness to dive into symbolism, mythos language, and imagery - coupled with a faith in humankind's desire for truth and understanding of spiritual reality throughout history; this thing called the Trinity has transformed before my eyes into a dynamic framework with powerful spiritual implications. This flow of three appears as energy, matter, and spirit - in my imagery and my experience.

I'm baffled why this new way of seeing it makes everything else make sense, other than it's intuitive. Perhaps it fits inside my understanding of thermodynamics and systems thinking - and an endless curiosity with quantum physics.

Stepping in to this flow with consciousness each day reminds me I'm entering the place where mystery lives. Each moment becoming more alive. Quickening even.

This conscious awareness teaches me that, although mystery surrounds us, the soul's response to the holy is not as mystery. The soul recognizes it.

It's a deep knowing, a deeply profound memory - unless we're mired in resistance.

The word mystery defines the big spiritual picture beautifully, because its complexity and power far exceeds our understanding; just the way life itself does to many world renowned scientists. Looking for answers to spiritual questions that defy logic is a daunting task. Yet, meeting the holy in the ordinary and extraordinary is the most natural thing in the world to our soul.

Linda Irene

Linda Irene

06. November 2019