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Linda Irene

Got Church?

What made you stop going to church? What does it feel like when you go to church lately? Is there anything at all that grabs you and makes you want to come back again? Or are you bored?

Do you understand what they're talking about, or do you feel very disconnected from what church is all about? I know I did - even when I go from time to time. I found I cringed when certain things were said. I had to fight rolling my eyes at other times. In my experience, when this happens it is a sign that the pastor probably should not say those things unless they are critical and necessary in his opinion. I'm like a thermomenter for the masses, and if I'm reacting, others probably are too. As a matter of fact, probably lots of others are too.

I'm hesitant to push it here however because we are in a church that's somewhat parochial. The people are so wonderful, but it feels a bit like stepping into a Beaver Cleaver household. I often wonder if this is the impression everyone tries to display, or if it's really who they are. The jury is still out.

I'm watching young parents just starting out in life looking for something that means more than going to Yoga class, or repeating an affirmation every day. There's something very empty and lonely when it's the only connection we have to something bigger than us. That said, the beliefs that religion offers challenge our intellect and, as a result, shut us down which prevents our heart opening to the true mystical and spiritual experiences that lie in wait behind the words we hear. This is the challenge for churches today.

It is not important that people are theologically accurate, or even agreeable because these points will develop within each individual as they are deepening their understanding and living their practice of Christian faith, or un faith as the case may be. Perhaps we are ready as a society to allow the spirit of Jesus, and the goodness and holiness of God to fill us...

If there is more that matters within the faith in regards to beliefs and theology, can't we trust that the Spirit is powerful enough to lead us together into that place? Don't we trust other people enough to let them live out their experiences in ways that nourish and spiritually feed them?

Let the Spirit work from the inside out, without shame or judgement. This is what jesus did. He didn't say believe the story. He said be love. and believe that God is love. He wanted God to be the focal point. God as focal point is a powerful practice because it takes us out of our ego, and automatically removes us from being dualistic. We are centered in our highest good. Not our religious good. These are powerful behaviors to develop.

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