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Linda Irene

Higher Power?

We've become so familiar with our own self-seeking and do-it-yourself psychology that it appears, from a birds-eye view, the concept of God has become irrelevent.
This appears to also hold true for those who say they believe in God.

Are we replacing our ancient practice of turning to a power greater than ourselves with our own assumptions, analysis, and ideologies?

Or do you maintain a fundamental response to the general idea of God on a deeply personal level, but

a. feel distanced from a literal belief system, or

b. resist holding God framed within someone else's imagery that doesn't match your experience or image? You can't trust something you don't resonate with. Or

C. experience the God you learned about in church as too patriarchal and judgmental - and too simple, black and white?

D. stay away because many religious people, you know privately or in the media, are not the kind of people you want to be like or hang out with - not a club you want to belong to. Or perhaps...

E. resonate with a sense of a spiritual "Presence" that exists which is bigger than us, but don't want to put it in a box, or...

F. perhaps you can't identify with, or embrace, certain stories or interpretations honed from various scriptures or religious historical writings, or

G. can't let go of the image of a punishing and cruel God who is outside and apart from us?

H. don't relate to a God that's overly personal and controlling - or masculine - but think some form of a higher power exists that is indescribable and unknown, and acts as glue to all that exists somehow - in which all of life is connected, or...

I. You can't imagine any of the above in any way whatsoever.

J. but you wish you resonated, or felt more connected, to some form of spiritual experience or understanding in general.

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