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Linda Irene

Is God an Ultimate Value?

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all share, at the foundation of their faith, the same fundamental declaration that says there is one God. All three monotheistic religions follow a divine dictate that nothing be more important to humankind than this one God.

Psychiatrist, Gerald Mays translates the Divine commandment like this, “I am the Ultimate Value, by whom the value of all other things must be measured and in whom true love for all other things must be found.”

Many are aware of the two simple commandments Jesus picked out of an entire book of law for his followers to adhere to. He said the greatest commandments were, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength, and you shall love your neighbor as yourself.” These were the two laws in the Book of Leviticus that didn’t begin with, “Thou shalt not…” Doesn’t that reveal a lot about Jesus?

Can you relate to the idea of God as the Ultimate Value for you? I heard Richard Rohr refer to God as an ultimate value, and it made me want to go deeper. Let the question sink in and really hang out for a bit. It’s still hanging out for me too – marinating. If you’re not comfortable with God, do you connect to anything that can be described as an Ultimate Value? Something that’s bigger than you? Is there a spiritual reality in your experience?

Perhaps you attribute the movement or synchronicity of life to the Universe? Is your imagery of the Universe something concrete or nothing? Is it related to an Ultimate Value or simply a non-descript flow?

This is food for thought without agenda. The questions make life infinitely more interesting and I didn’t want to think about it alone.

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