Everything is Holy Now.

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Linda Irene

Looking for God in All the Wrong Places.

It is said that God is all that is. It's also said we are separated from God as a result of what bible scholars call, "the fall", which basically means we took a bite of the apple. It was Eve's fault some say, but I beg to differ. The subject of another post. Back to the topic: It is also said we are of God. And God is the ground of our being. Which is it?

What once confused me theologically, is now clear. We exist in God through our consciousness. Therefore, it's only the state of our consciousness that can seperate us from God - even though we are still of God.

It's not rocket science to recognize we are part of all that is, which blatantly infers we are part of God. We are of God, as the Celtics say. If all that is, is God, and we are part of all that exists, then we can't be anything but part of all that is, right?

Stay with me.

However, we can experience ourselves separate from God. We are separate from God when our consciousness is separate from God. In other words, we are in a dualistic state of mind, meaning we are not dialed in to the channel God is on. God, all that is, is a state of non-dual consciousness, that operates in oneness. However, when we move into a non-dual consciousness - some call it "putting on the mind of Christ" - we are in union, one with God. The same is true for how we live in our heart.

Billy Graham wasn't all wrong when he suggested people accept Jesus into their heart - even if it triggers a slight shudder these days for a bucket full of reasons. However, in it's vulnerable simplicity and removing the attachment it has to fundamentalism, there is something deeply authentic about this. It got convoluded when it began drawing lines around itself and defining right and wrong from one scriptural interpretation or paradigm, excluding anyone who described it differently, or experienced this spiritual connection from another perspective.

Accepting Christ into your heart is one way to say you are opening yourself to the spirit - but its not the words, it's the vulnerability and surrender to trusting something bigger than you something you can't explain, touch, know, or see. Another is to say you and God's heart become one. When you open your heart so wide that it flows out and into another, it is like Christ's heart - as in whole and fully open. Some people might describe this as your heart and Christ's heart flowing in the same frequency. They can meet here - kind of like being in the same vibration, which causes a recognition, which permits them to connect. Imagine getting off the train in a crowd of people. If you don't recognize the person picking you up, you don't connect, right? Like that.

The recipricol flow of the spirit allows seeing each other, subsequently joining.

One of our favorite things on Sunday morning is singing, "In God we live and move and have our being." My whole body moves in the singing of this song, and I could sing it all day. I resonate fully to it, even physically, because I can be in it, be in the fullness and joy that comes from knowing I'm fully connected to God that is all that is, all I know, all we are.

This is where the sweet knowing of oneness comes in and grabs me by my heart, and life appears in full living color. This is because my heart knows I'm already of God. God is in me. All that's required of me is to turn the dial (of my consciousness) to the right channel - so I can hear or feel or see or sense this clearer.

My heart and mind rise above the chatter, above the stress or anxiety or fear, above the tapes and baggage I hold, and surrenders into the knowing, the oneness, the life of God in me, in you, in us.

It's not God that's elusive. I don't have to find God, I have to set my dial on the right channel of my consciousness, and turn my heart throttle wide open. That's it.

Sometimes easier said than done. But that's all there is to it. The ultimate spiritual adventure is already there waiting for you to experience it.

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