Everything is Holy Now.

98 Ordinary




Linda Irene

My Creed.


I believe in God - a God that is mother and father. I believe in Jesus. Jesus the Son of Man and Son of God. I believe that everything is holy. I believe in the holiness of all living creatures of every plant and flower - of every rooted, swimming, and footed thing. I believe in the equality of all humanity. I believe God is within me and around me. God is outside me and God is beneath me. I believe God is spirit and God is love. I believe Jesus was a wisdom teacher - and he is my wisdom teacher too. I believe God and Jesus are one in the same sense that God and I are one. I believe in the holiness and sacredness of everything - with the acknowledgement there are ceremony will act as a catalyst to experiencing the mystical at anyways cannot be experienced on a physical level . I believe revelation is the knowing that comes when we are in full communion with God, God being all that is. I believe miracles are the manifestation of revelation - the act by which we become one with God and manifest our most important and divine purposes here on earth. These purposes are sometimes described as the call. They are manifested when we respond to the deepest calling and longing of our soul- which comes from the place where I our soul and God meet. This is the place where we are connected to all that is. I believe some of us experience God most clearly throughout connection with others while others know it most fully by the connection they experience within themselves in deep prayer or meditation.

I believe not one of us knows what God looks like and if God looks like anything at all. I believe when we receive revelation from God that it is unique to each of us and each revelation that meets this test is true. I believe the only test for knowing if something is of God is whether it is of the light and leads to good. I believe that understanding Christianity is rooted in the clear and honest understanding of Jesus' life and words - while received by the spirit as in spirit...inspired.

I believe in the holy spirit and that it is what gives us inspiration and creativity, hope, and vision. It is what we experience as life GIVING. The Holy Spirit is all around us and within us. I believe we can have a full experience of the Holy Spirit when we are fully receptive and our hearts have opened completely . I believe it is the ego that separates us from God. I believe it is the ego that came into play in the garden whether one believes this literally or metaphorically- as myth or fiction. I believe everything created by the ego is an illusion and what separates us from God.

I believe in the supernatural and in the gifts of the Spirit. I believe these things are given and available in each of us. I believe television is terminology to describe personal freedom in God, in the spirit, and experiencing our true selves. I believe experiencing our true selves means we are connected to that part of us that is eternal and always connected to God . I believe we tend to be dualistic and think there is an either or, but it's much more complex than that. We are living breathing existing in an interconnected web that joins all things at every level of physical and spiritual consciousness.

I believe language is the great divider. Whether it be native language, semantics, beliefs, and ideas, we use them to feel separate and better/worse than others. This idea that we are different, better, or more holy only feeds the idea that we are separate from God and each other. It is nutrition and life for the ego, but death to the spirit.

I believe that each human being knows what her heart wants. I believe my life or the true expression of my heart is the only example of God that I can personally demonstrate. I believe my experience is mine to own and my experience should have permission to speak its truth in its own language.

A Practice Note
Talking to Myself. Again.