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Linda Irene

New Music You'll Love. I Think.

I'm inspired to share some musicians I am lately in love with. It lights me up to share them with you. :) When people are gifted with music and want to share it - I think it's our responsibility to spread it everywhere we can! I hope you'll share this post with others too so everyone benefits from this broad, creative new genre of spiritual and emotionally honest music. We've needed it! These musicians also offer generous, free downloads too through the great folks at Noisetrade.com. Their most recent recordings are all below - for free. If you want or are able, you can be a mensch and share them on Facebook or Twitter or give them a donation of any amount. But you don't have to! Mostly they're just hoping you'll like their music and spread the word if you like it. Let me know what songs, if anything, resonates for you.

Love, Unruly

Love all of these musicians. It's difficult to point out my favorite songs because I don't want to influence you...but if you tell me, I'll tell you ;)


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