Linda Irene

Blow Softly on Dirt and Let the Story Speak

People are masters at drawing lines, sometimes in sand, and sometimes in dirt. We go to great lengths to avoid crossing these lines, just as this cowboy won't let his horse walk across the line defined by the gate in the above picture.

Finding shared understanding among people with conflicting

Linda Irene

Start with a Blank Canvas

Let's Make Spaces that Motivate.

Most people claim they are spiritual, yet remain uncomfortable with religion and its agenda, especially if not met where they are. But let's be fair - their agenda is pretty much the point. I think the root cause lies deeper still. Like understanding what motivates

Linda Irene

The Haunting in Water

Stepping in without the dictate of others has given me the freedom to lie down at the water’s edge and rest. It’s here, in this still place, my body lays down, gentle water creeping toward me in the rising of the tide. It approaches slowly, softly until contact

Linda Irene

Making Room for the New

Choosing freedom to let go of beliefs and imagery others painted, and giving myself permission to sense into an essence I hoped lived beyond and beneath all the words and chatter I'd heard from parents, pastors, church services and creeds, and even the Bible, over a lifetime was liberating. Did

Linda Irene

Letting Go of Beliefs

Letting go of our beliefs is like diving into the galaxies, and realizing after your feet leave the diving board that it's possible, likely even, there’s no bottom to it. You can only assume that spinning out will eventually take you home; or you'll be flying out here in

Linda Irene

Dung Beetles, God & Us.

I was struck by a quote of Frederick Buechner this morning. As usual, his words inspired, but today's response departed from the norm. He says:

THEOLOGY IS THE study of God and his ways. For all we know, dung beetles may study man and his ways and call it humanology.