Reverence: The Soul's Response to the Holy

Reverence: The Soul's Response to the Holy

To touch something holy is an experience many people know, whether through a powerful experience, or in it’s subtle appearance during a quiet moment of wonder. It differs from anything else we encounter in the ordinary course of a day. Ironically, the more familiar we are with it, the more accessible it becomes in our everyday life.

Once we know what it is - we long to experience it again.

Our soul's natural response to meeting the holy is reverence.

Reverence flows up and out from deep within. What’s ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the soul knows it is only reverence that can meet it appropriately.

Reverence is respect, awe, joy, and humility all rolled into one. It is spiritual and emotional holism in the sense that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

I've always wanted more of the holy experience and the reverence that accompanies it. Ever since I was a kid. It didn't matter if I was drumming in a red rock mountaintop cave in the Canyonlands with shaman tribe members, or sitting quietly in a church pew with my grandmother. True wonder alone can be transformative, but even it can't compare to coming face to face with the holy.

When the holy surfaces, our soul spontaneously responds with reverence because it knows we've stepped into something bigger than ourselves.

Stepping in is entering the place where the mystery lies - but the soul's response to the holy is not a mystery.

The soul recognizes it - even if not cognitively. It's a deep knowing, a deeply profound memory - unless we're mired in resistance.

The word mystery defines the big spiritual picture beautifully, because its complexity and power far exceeds our understanding; just the way life itself does to many world renowned scientists. Looking for answers to spiritual questions that defy logic is a daunting task. Yet, meeting the holy is the most natural thing to our soul.

The soul thirsts for the holy like our body thirsts for water.

It refreshes and reminds our soul of home - on an intuitive level.

The holy touches the truth of who we are - no matter what that looks like. We sense it. We know it. The holy appears and our soul recognizes it's home.

You probably know that place within. If you don't, rest in the stillness and it will show up if you listen. If you don't get a whisper, reach out to someone who is emotionally safe in your life; and share the desires of your heart - or your pain. A close soul friend is what the Celts call an Anam Cara. God shows up through them.

When the love that lives in the holy washes over you, you will remember who you are, even in the midst of destructive choices or behavior that make you want to hide. When you open to it, you'll remember shame won't heal or serve you. Only love will.

Simply being in the world is enough for the holiness that lives around and in you to reveal itself as you open yourself to what is greater than you. That's the fun part - where mystery unfolds and miracles happen. All that's asked of you is to pay attention. You will discover on your own who you are in it. And who you don't want to be too. You own your story.

Let the spontaneous reverence rising up in your soul be your indicator. You will know it when it happens.

Linda Irene

Linda Irene

06. November 2019